Our Advantage

An Active Approach to a Dynamic Market
RSG Transactional Risks Europe has developed a unique and proprietary approach to risk management by constantly tracking, monitoring and bench-marking the various transaction dynamics embedded in its submission pipeline.

This proprietary assessment has at its bedrock the preservation of client confidentiality. All metrics are anonymous and are aggregated so that RSG Transactional Risks Europe can identify the emergence of market trends, understand current market sentiment and wider macro-economic movements. This active approach to risk assessment means that RSG Transactional Risks Europe is able to ensure that its clients receive a first class service and the best and most innovative coverage that it can provide.

Dedicated Underwriting Team
In 2019, our team is 19 highly skilled individuals, mostly commercial M&A lawyers or legally trained individuals, focused exclusively on transactional insurance products. Having a dedicated and focused team means that the underwriting process is efficient and non-intrusive. RSG Transactional Risks Europe will always dovetail with the transaction timetable and can provide to its clients in real-time, the benefit of its experience and knowledge in this sector. Clients are provided with unparalleled service; there is no execution risk when you engage RSG Transactional Risks Europe to underwrite your transaction.