Claims Handling

The Insurers represented by RSG Transactional Risks Europe are all Lloyd’s syndicates. This membership means that Insurers handle claims under the terms of the Lloyd’s Claims Scheme. The binder appoints Navigators Syndicate 1221 at Lloyd’s as lead Insurer and for ‘complex claims’ appoints AXIS Syndicate 1686 at Lloyd’s as second lead Insurer. Further details of how the Lloyd’s Claims Scheme operates can be found at the Lloyd’s website.

The binding authority stipulates that all syndicates will co-operate with Navigators as they manage the claim. Settlement authority is ceded by each insurer to the lead and if the lead determines a payment is owed, the balance of insurers follow the lead’s decision. In ‘complex claims’, the second lead is appointed to ensure all follow markets are fairly represented.

In practice, an insured would notify RSG Transactional Risks Europe of any claim or circumstance and RSG Transactional Risks Europe would in turn notify Navigators and the follow market via the Lloyd’s electronic claims system. RSG Transactional Risks Europe would work with the insured to determine coverage and quantum and liaise accordingly with Navigators. RSG Transactional Risks Europe would handle the administration of each claim and co-ordinate all correspondence, claims payments are processed via established Lloyd’s central claims systems and collected from all following Insurers before being paid to the Insured as a single amount.

During 2011 to 2016, the Lloyd’s market has paid out $85 billion in claims, around $43 million per day, reinforcing one of Lloyd’s strongest attributes: they are trusted around the world for its promise to pay when losses occur.